Welcome to Soft and Shady! We are a prop hire company for Film, TV, Theatre and Events based in Glasgow, Scotland.  We have a stock of thousands of practical lights (including industrial), lampshades, cushions, drapes and soft furnishings to suit all your needs, while we also carry an extensive range of luggage, furniture, technology, musical instruments, flags, artificial plants and homewares. Our online catalogue will give you a great taster of what is available, and constantly has items added, but there is so much more to see.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is something specific you are looking for.

The best way by far is to come in to the warehouse and take a look for yourself. Especially when it comes to lights - all our lamps and shades are hired separately so we love it when people come in to mix-and-match! All our lamps come PAT tested and we also have a large range of dimmable bulbs for sale.  So give us a call and stop by - we will pop the kettle on and see how we can help!


Founded in 2021 by Piero Jamieson and Richard Evans, the initial impetus behind Soft and Shady was an attempt to combat waste and quick-use disposable items in the Film and TV industry.  We realised there was a need to provide a focused, specific supply of Set Dressing and Props for items that are often hard to find outside of London - namely practical lighting and soft furnishings.

Over the years since, our stock has grown and grown. We now have a comprehensive and varied range to cover any requirement your production might throw at you. (And given many items a new chance at stardom on the big screen.) Hope to see you soon!